Coaching at Sheen

Sheen is proud to have the services of fully qualified coaches for both squash and tennis. Individual and group sessions are available for both sports.

Tennis coaching

TennisLIFE provide coaching at Sheen LT&SC for everyone, from complete beginners to highly competitive, social mix in’s and Juniors.

Join the club and sign up for coaching with Paul Boffa and his team.

Squash Coaching

Coaching sessions: £25 / 45 minutes. Why not book for five sessions and get a sixth one free?
Christmas and birthday vouchers available are also available and make excellent presents.

Coaching Team

TennisLIFE provide the coaching at Sheen LT&SC, and have a team of coaches led by Paul Boffa. Paul designs the program, and leads and trains the coaches to deliver high quality coaching to all players.

All coaches are LTA qualified and accredited, and hold first aid, DBS and safeguarding certificates.

All coaches are available for private lessons and can be booked through the booking system.


Paul Boffa

TennisLIFE Director & Head Coach

Paul holds the highest qualification level in British tennis with his Level 5 Master Club Coach qualification. Paul is also an LTA tutor, training coaches through their qualifications. As well as this, Paul is an LTA qualified referee and has various certificates from the International Tennis Federation. Through his coaching career, Paul has worked with all levels of players including beginners, club team players, County champions and Junior international players.You can contact Paul directly on 07738096794 or email

Tony Santos

Program Coach

Tony holds the LTA level 3 Club Coach award. Tony coaches on groups within the junior and adult program, and has been working at Sheen LT&SC since 2017. Tony is available for private lessons at the club, and will always ensure you get a high intensity lesson and hit a huge amount of balls.You can contact Tony directly on 07951 490338 or email on

Laura Morley-Burns

Program Coach

Laura holds the LTA level 4 coaching qualification, has worked in the tennis industry for over 25 years and has a wealth of experience in coaching all levels of player.

Tutored by Judy Murray in Scotland, she worked closely with young performance players then became a head coach at clubs in Edinburgh before coming to London

In the early 2000s where she coached at The Roehampton Club and subsequently has worked at the LTA, Wimbledon and local tennis clubs.

Her coaching style is based on fun/social games with strong emphasis on learning how to play tactically as well as become better technically.
You can contact Laura directly on 07815 947209 or email on

Slinger Ball Machine

Use the ball machine to get some practice in. Work on specific shots, and hit 100's of balls, and get a great workout if you ramp up the speed! Happy Hitting!

Slinger Ball Machine x 1

Unlimited Slinger use
Unlimited use of the Slinger ball machine! Use the ball machine to get some practice in. Work on specific shots, and hit 100's of balls, and get a great workout if you ramp up the speed!
£19.99 per month


Junior Coaching Program

Our Youth/Junior coaching program runs for 50 weeks of the year, through the school holidays, so we have no long breaks which can harm a player’s development. It starts at £55 per month per player for a weekly lesson. If you ever miss a lesson, you can make it up at any other suitable lesson so you never miss out.

We have a tennis curriculum that is based around years of coaching, watching and playing tennis. From this, each month we have a game situation from tennis to base our different groups around. Within these groups we will then work on relevant tactics and techniques to help the player develop their skill game. We feel that this way of working produces well rounded tennis players who enjoy the game, and are in a position to take tennis to the level they want.

All our lessons involve a dynamic warm up, followed by a body & ball and/or racket & ball warm up. We then go into a group teaching point, with individual teaching points given to players once they are out playing. After a few progressions, the lessons finish with some competition involving the lessons teaching point. 

We like to use open play with our coaching, so players will not be lining up waiting to hit balls, but get into rallying and actually playing tennis. This helps our players development and gives them the realism of tennis and helps their movement and receiving skills, which is massive in developing your game. This is true even for our younger players, where we will get them working in pairs, either rallying or feeding (throwing) the ball to each other.

Below is a description of all our youth/junior sessions:

Mini Red (8 and under)

Mini Red is for our players under 8 years old, played on a smaller court (around the size of a service box) with low compression balls. Our Mini Red curriculum works heavily around coordination and movement, so our players are in the best place to develop their tennis. We also start to introduce teaching the base technique of the tennis shots. Our players will start to rally and score in this stage, with the main focus on enjoyment and improving players coordination, movement and reading of the ball.

Mini Orange (8 – 10 Years)

Mini Orange is for our players aged 8 - 10, played on a court around 3/4 the size of a full court. We focus more on the players technical development in this stage, leading on from the teachings through the mini red stage. We will use tennis language to the players, and have them playing full matches while focusing on the process of developing and improving their technique. We introduce the players to the different ball characteristics and tactical intentions

Mini Green (9-11 Years)

Mini Green is for our player aged 9 - 11 years old, played on a full-size tennis court. We continue to focus on, and fine tune, the players technique. We also get the players understanding how to use these techniques in different game situations with different tactical intentions. We continue to use the tennis language to all players, and introduce decision making around the players tactical intentions.

Junior Development Squads (11 years and over)

Junior Development Squads (11 years and over)For our players aged over 11, they now use the regular tennis balls on a full-size court. We now build on all the technical and tactical knowledge and skills the players have developed through the mini tennis stages. With this continual development the players will explore different game styles and start to find their own style of play. Players will compete internally within their group and the club. and will start to be encouraged to compete externally.

Junior Competition Squads (14 years and over)

Our Competition squads are for our players who wish to take their tennis more seriously. We continue to develop the players technique and tactical knowledge, and also focus on players decision making and game style, for them to put into matches when they compete. The players are more focused on match play and competing, which is incorporated with these sessions. Players are expected to be competing in LTA competition and coach support will be given to all players for this

Sign up to any of our groups by emailing and remember you have to be a member of Sheen Lawn Tennis and Squash Club to take part in any coaching


School Holiday Tennis Camps

Our popular tennis camps run on most days of the school holidays.

You can see on the coching calendar the dates of the camps and book online.

Please contact us on if you would like any more information

10 years old and under

Weekdays 9.00 - 11.30 AM

These popular camps are aimed at players 10 years old and under, using red and orange balls.

Great fun for the younger players while learning the fundamentals of the game in a safe and social environment.

Each day we have a teaching theme, and players will learn and compete in a fun and social environment.

They will develop all aspects of tennis including technical, tactical, physical and mental skills.

Players will be split into age/standards on the day

11 Years old and over

Weekdays 12-2.30 PM

Junior camp aimed at players 11 - 16 years old.

Each day will have a teaching theme and players will learn and compete in a fun and social environment.

They will develop all aspects of tennis including technical, tactical, physical and mental skills.

Players will be separated into their age/level on the day



We strongly believe that competition is vital in players development, so we incorporate this into our program. We have competition weeks every 6-8 weeks within our junior lessons, and have weekend competitions and matchplay’s in addition to players lessons.

We also host LTA external competitions that are open for all players. We run a few of these through the summer season so if you are interested in playing please speak to a coach and see if we are hosting one for your age group it would be great to have you involved!


Adult Coaching Program

We have an adult program with something for everyone, so you can start your tennis journey with us, come back to tennis, improve your game, join team training or just get fit with us.

Below are descriptions of all our sessions currently running.

Drills & Skills

This is a group session like no other! We concentrate on one element of the game and work on the progressions around it.

It’s high intensity with lots of repetition.

Suitable for all levels of play.

Beginners/improvers coaching

These sessions will teach you the basic technical aspects of the main elements of the game.

We will introduce the basic tactical aspects of tennis to get you to a level were you can play a game of singles or doubles.

Club Coaching

This group is for players who want to perform better in Club Sessions and mix ins.

We work around doubles tactics and teach the technical side to help you achieve those tactics.

You must be able to hold a rally to take part in this group.

Ladies Coaching

Coaching aimed at ladies who are looking to take the next step and join the club teams.

These sessions cover doubles themes, positions and tactical play to put you in a great position to start playing for the club.

Cardio Tennis

Get fit on a tennis court! Improve your fitness through fast paced drills to music.

Tennis ability not important!