Tennis Box Leagues

The leagues are open to all tennis members, male and female, peak and off peak.

Any players wishing to join the leagues should contact Angus Comber at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Court booking rules must be observed when booking matches.

These can be viewed here

Playing Options

1 Standard Method - Games Won

Players decide between themselves how long the match is to last and the game score at the end of that time determines the winner/loser or tie. If the players can not come to a mutual agreement on time then the default time is 1 hour

2 Fast4 Method

By mutual agreement before starting play - players may play short sets with a 5 point tie break at 4-4 and a 3rd set Championship tie break to ten points if one set all. If the result is 1 set all and the third set is unfinished then the result to be entered is 2 point each (unless players agree to continue to a finish at a later date)

3 Players Choice

There is nothing to prevent players deciding between themselves on another format altogether as it won't affect other results in the group as long as the scoring system is followed. The key is that both agree the format before play starts.

Recording the Result:

Whatever playing format is used there are 4 points at stake in the match. 1 for playing and 2 for a win. So the winner will score 3 points and the loser 1 point. In the event of a tie (equal games one set all ) the score to be entered is 2 points each.

The winner is responsible for recording the score on the Box Leagues system. To do this log into the SheenLTSC website, go to 'Court Bookings' and select 'Leagues' from the right hand side menu. From the drop down menu select 'Club Box Tennis', find your league and enter the points for each player.

There are no points awarded for void matches i.e. no shows, withdrawals due to injury. However, if you are at the receiving end of a withdrawal and the game is not able to be rearranged then please let us know.

If the players decide to rearrange to continue the match then completed sets stand and the match resumes with a new set.

You will find contact details for participants on this website. Log in to the Members Lounge, select 'Tennis - Tennis Player Contact' for the list.

The current leagues are held on the Court Booking System which can be accessed by logging into the Members Lounge and using the link found there.

Historical league tables and results can be viewed in the Members Lounge under 'Tennis Members'.