Committees and Members

Managing Committee

Chair:  Leal Ignatius     Vice Chair: Neil Halliday (Please note that the Club Chair and Club Vice Chair are ex-officio members of all Sectional Committees).
plus one Director nominated by the Company ( Bob Dinsdale) and a representative of each Sectional Committee (the Chair or other noiminee)

The agreed nominations are:

Chair                               Leal Ignatius     (elected Club Officer)
Vice Chair                       Neil Halliday       (elected Club Officer)
Tennis Chair                   Ollie Knutton     (TC nominee)
Squash Co-chair            Neil Halliday      (SC nominee)
Social Chair                                             (B&S nominee)
Estates                            Nick Fenton      (SC nominee)
Tennis & Safeguarding  Mary Pat Rose   (TC nominee)
Finance & Co-chair        Bob Dinsdale    (SLTSC Ltd nominee)

Tennis Committee

Chairman: Ollie Knutton (also Managing Committee)

Committee members:
Ali Ignatius
Mary Pat Rose (also Managing Committee)
Paul Boffa      (in coaching capacity)
Hon Ladies Captain: Tricia Patterson
Hon Mens Captain:  Dan Absolon
Joanna Mills
Caroline Barker
Shelley MacDonald
John Walker
Angus Comber
Callum Li
Dean Weston

Squash Committee

Chairman: Neil Halliday (also Managing Committee)
Hon Mens Captain: Oliver Jones
Committee members:
Nick Fenton (also Managing Committee)
Roger J Jones
Jim Oatway

Bar/Social Committee

Ruth Fenton
Radek Szczesniak